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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VxVM drop plex/mirror from volume and rename plex

Today i had to do some work on a storage system where new storages where installed and the old one should be unconfigured from the system.

By using

sh#> vxprint -g $DISKGROUP -rtLv $VOLUMENAME

i checked what mirrors (plexes) are available for the volume.

I selected the mirrors located on the old storage an dropped them from the volume with

sh#> vxplex -o rm dis $PLEXNAME

I noticed that the naming convention, after deleting the older plexes, does not look really pretty, because when the plex was created VxVM added a sequentiell number add the end of the plexname, so i decided to rename the plexes.

This was done with:

sh#> vxedit -g $DISKGROUP -p rename $OLD_PLEX_NAME $NEW_PLEX_NAME

After that all looks pretty well.