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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today's Storage Day

Everytime a new thing ;)

I like competitions.

So today i had to do some storage stuff. Setting up two new StorTeks in a SUN Cluster.

Two SUN StorTek 6140 (to replace 2 old T3's and 2 old 6120)
Two E2900 Solaris 9, SUN Cluster 3.0,VxVM 3.5

Both host directly connected to both storages via two HBAs. QLA26xx

Ater running 'devfsadm -Cv', to get the device entries updated, i called 'luxadm probe' to if the LUNs are found correctly on the host.

'vxdmpadm listctlr all' show the new connected controllers.

I enabled the new path with 'vxdmpadm enable $CONTROLLER'.

I labeled the new disks with format and found them shown state online in 'vxdisk list' output.

By using 'vxdisetup -i $DEVICE' i setup the private/public region on the disk.

I added them to the different diskgroups with 'vxdg -g $DISKGROUP adddisk $LOGICALNAME=$DEVICE'.

I began mirroring the old T3/4's 'vxassist -g $DISKGROUP mirror $VOLUME $LOGICALNAME'.
The performance was real okay, the old storages hosts 6 Oracle databases, with 450GB amount of data.
After around 5 hours all works was done.

I had to update the SUN Cluster configuration to recognize changes in diskgroups.
This can be done the following way 'scconf -c -D name=$DISKGROUP,sync' so the volume information of VxVM will be syncronized with SUN Cluster configuration.

After that all was fine.

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